Scientific program

Program overview

Day 1
28 Jul 2023
7:00 am-7:25 am

Registration / Continental Breakfast

Diagnosis and prognosis of obstructive CAD: CTA vs. stress testing

Panelists: Jonathon Leipsic, Matthew Budoff, TBD CTA is preferable to stress testing for initial diagnosis of obstructive CAD Case presentation   Yes, here is the evidence! Jonathon Leipsic, MD Only if...
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Invasive Coronary Physiology: Do we know everything or we’re just beginning to learn?

Panelists:  Allen Jeremias, Morton Kern, Jennifer Tremmel The promise of FFR-guided revascularization: Realized or Not? [address: FFR-guided PCI vs medical therapy; Angio-guided vs. FFR-guided PCI; FFR-guided PCI vs. CABG]  ...
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9:45 am-10:10 am

Break and Exhibit Visit

Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction

Panelists: Sunil Rao, Samit Shah, TBD Beyond the angiogram: invasive assessment of coronary microvascular dysfunction Samit Shah, MD Q&A   Provocative testing for coronary vasospasm: Who, when, and how? Jennifer Tremmel,...
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If invasive coronary imaging is so valuable why are there so many hold outs? (IVUS, OCT)

Panelists: Bassem Chehab, Richard Shlofmitz, Jonathan Tobis Debate: Intravascular coronary imaging -guided PCI should become a class IA indication in selected patient   Yes…here is why! Antonio Colombo, MD No…here...
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Antiplatelet Therapy with DES

Panelists:  Malcolm Bell, Rajiv Gulati, Roxana Mehran Debate: Upstream IV antiplatelet therapy (Cangrelor, IIbIIIa inhibitors) improve outcomes   Yes…here is the evidence George Dangas, MD No…here is the evidence Rajiv...
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11:40 am-12:05 pm

Exhibit visit and Lunch Box

Mechanical Support Devices

Panelists: Suhail Dohad, Navin Kapur, Ali Nsair   Impella supported PCI in complex patients: The PROTECT 4 trial and beyond Gregg Stone, MD Advanced skills in alternative access are critical: Case...
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How-to workshop – Thrombectomy in STEMI

Panelists: Suhail Dohad, Ravi Dave, Sunil Rao   The Penumbra CAT Rx really works! Case Studies Darshan Doshi, MD The role of thrombus burden: Is it all in the definition?...
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1:20 pm-1:50 pm

Break and Lunch Box

How to revascularize complex CTOS

Panelists: Suhail Dohad, Mike Wayman, TBD   CT-guided CTO revascularization (debate)   I am a great operator….I don’t need CT guidance Mike Wayman, MD CT-guidance improves outcome. Suhail Dohad, MD...
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Transcatheter tricuspid valve repair / replacement

Panelists: Azeem Latib, Bassem Chehab, Ron Waksman   TriClip: Case studies with focus on anatomic predictors of success Azeem Latib, MD Q&A Tricuspid valve replacement : Technology pipeline and case studies Samir...
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How to revascularize complex severely calcified lesions

Panelists: Richard Shlofmitz, Ramzan Zakir, Joachim Cigarroa How to choose among devices? Lesion morphology and imaging? Case-based presentation Richard Shlofmitz, MD How to choose among devices? Operator preference and comfort!...
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3:05 pm-3:25 pm

Break & exhibit visit

Left main coronary arteries and multivessel disease

Panelist: Sunil Rao   Where are we in 2023? CABG vs . PCI …Functional syntax score, anatomy vs physiology TBD Q&A

Large bore closure

Axillary and femoral large bore closure: Case studies Amir Kaki, MD Q&A  

Innovations on the horizon!

Panelists: Tim Fischell, Paul Teirstein, TBD Renal Artery Denervation   Role of RDN in clinical practice (debate)   Renal denervation should become the primary modality to treat resistant HTN: Here...
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The cath lab of the future

Panelists: Ron Waksman, TBD   MRI Guided Interventions TBD The combined CT-cath lab: The future is here! TBD Robotic PCI: A dream or reality? Giora Weisz, MD Structural radiation protection...
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Day 2
29 Jul 2023
7:00 am-7:30 am

continental breakfast

Rethinking visualization of structural cardiac anatomy

What the interventionalist must to know….. but can’t see! Shumpei Mori, MD, PhD Q&A

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)

Panelists: Adam Greenbaum, Samir Kapadia, Ron Waksman Here are my new TAVR insights for 2023! Raj Makkar, MD Q&A   Debate: Bicuspid aortic valve stenosis in a low risk patient...
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Transcatheter mitral valve repair / replacement

Panelists: Samir Kapadia, Gagan Singh, Gregg Stone   Transcatheter mitral valve repair: tailoring device to anatomy   Case studies with the MitraClip G4 Matthew Price, MD Case studies with Edwards...
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Left atrial appendage (LAA) closure

Panelists: TBD, Matthew Price, Jacqueline Saw Is Pre-Procedure imaging really needed? Why? What modality? Jacqueline Saw, MD Case studies Q&A ICE guided LAAO closure without anesthesia – are we there...
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PFO / ASD closure

Panelists: Jamil Aboulhosn, Zahid Amin, Jonathan Tobis PFO closure: Complex case studies: Tailoring the device/technique to the defect Zahid Amin, MD Q&A ASD closure (including sinus venosus): Complex case studies:...
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Innovations in device-based heart failure therapies

Panelists: Matthew Price, Saibal Kar, Kalyanam Shivkumar Interatrial septal shunts for HEpEF: From concept to current state Matthew Price, MD Q&A Transcatheter ventricular reduction therapies Horst Sievert, MD Q&A Cardiovascular...
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Challenging SHD interventions

Moderators: TBD Pre existing patient prosthetic mismatch in TAVR. What to do? Olcay Aksoy, MD Q&A TBD   TBD: Residual leak after surgical LAA ligation Gagan Singh, MD Q&A  ...
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